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Chris Bourne


I'm the Marketing Manager here at sales-i and being in marketing I obviously love crayons and of course I have a toy Chewbacca on my desk (fully equipped with the 'Maaaaaarh' noise! I have worked in the technology industry for over 7 years and have a good grasp on what's happening in the industry. I also enjoy* the technical side of software development. *The term 'enjoy' relates to the very few occasions where the techy side actually goes to plan, otherwise replace with the term 'gets frustrated'.

12th August 2013

The sales-i team is still growing. Meet our latest recruit John Downes. As usual we have pitched a few questions his way to find out a bit more about him.

When did you start at sales-i?

I started on the 15th July 2013.

What does your role involve at sales-i?

My role is to increase product awareness within my designated sectors and create new business opportunities by forming relationships with prospective clients. In other words I am a one man demo creating machine with excellent communication skills

New to sales

For a while I always thought you had to be made for sales and you either knew how to sell or you didn’t. However since escaping the warm, comforting environment of education into the ‘real world’ I’ve noticed that good sales techniques can be learned and even a non-sales person can in time become a selling superhero.

So if you’re new to sales you’re probably thinking where to start and how to approach your first prospect. With the following three tips you can be on your way to sales stardom


sales-i has yet another new(ish) starter, say hello to Philip Baker. Phil has been with us for just over a month so I think its about time we got to know him a little better.

Let the questions commence.

When did you start at sales-i?

17 June 2013.

What does your role involve at sales-i? Ensuring our finances are compliant with UK and US requirements. Adding back to the business with relevant information to aide decision making via profitability analysis, adding control to base processes etc