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Ollie Roddy


I’m a marketing professional who loves all things creative. If I'm not at work, I'm probably watching football, listening to music, enjoying a cold beer, or a combination of the three.

7th January 2018
BI vs traditional CRM

Many prospects often ask our sales team “What can sales-i offer me that my current CRM package can’t?” and “What’s the difference between BI and CRM?” Good questions. Our system will put opportunities in front of your salespeople and marketers – all they’ll need to do is grab them.

CRM is a handy tool by itself, but the right BI system working in conjunction with your CRM package will turn your data into actionable, profitable information. sales-i helps you generate more profit by analyzing the data currently housed in your CRM package

118 words and phrases you should never use in emails (unless you love spam filters)

Ah spam filters, the kryptonite of any super salesman or woman looking to get in touch with a prospect without calling or meeting them.

To beat the virtual gatekeepers, you’re better off not saying certain words, or they’ll get angry and throw your mail out before your prospect even gets a chance to ignore it.

If, like my Mother and girlfriend, you’re one of those people who always needs to know why, please feel free to tweet us @sales_i and we’ll let you know exactly why spam filters don’t like the words in the list of spam words below

taking notes

Every sales team is prone to forming bad habits. The successful ones recognize and fix them; the unsuccessful ones entrench them deeper and deeper into their day-to-day processes until they’re effectively impossible to dislodge.

Where processes for managing customer relationships are absent, poor behaviors can sometimes be almost an unofficial policy—reinforced by the practiced justifications of seasoned salespeople, who pass them on to their less experienced colleagues, who embed them even deeper into ongoing behavior