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Bargreen Ellingson

Top supplier of restaurant equipment has been transformed with instant access to sales and customer intelligence from sales-i

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Despite having used sales-i for just 7 months, the change at Bargreen Ellingson is already remarkable.

20% sales uplift
22 branches
110 sales-i users

About Bargreen Ellingson

Founded in 1960, Bargreen Ellingson has since become one of the largest family-owned restaurant supply, design and fabrication companies in the United States. Headquartered in Tacoma, Washington, the company has provided top quality products and outstanding service levels to its diverse customer base for 55 years.

The business has now grown to 22 locations across the country and today employs a workforce of over 400.

"We’re making more money with sales-i, we’re being proactive and to have an instant in-depth view is priceless for us."

The Challenge

In a challenging industry that is incredibly price sensitive, new suppliers are coming to the fore on a daily basis. Thus, competition is fierce, something that one of Bargreen Ellingson’s territory sales team, Alex Martin, was all too aware of: “Price pressure is a daily problem for us and simply being able to make sure my customers get what they need, when they need it in a timely fashion was a daily struggle.”

Christina Smyre handles Social Media, Marketing and Sales Management for the company and was just as troubled: “We had no ability to dive into our sales data, I was going to IT to get reports that were outdated within 24 hours. We needed to be more in tune with what our customers were doing with us.”

The Solution

“sales-i is becoming the talk of our industry,” Christina continues, having heard about the system through customers and competitors using sales-i to bolster their sales efforts.

The team at Bargreen Ellingson sought to get ahead of the pack and wanted to supply their salespeople with the tools and technology they needed to outsell the competition every time.

The team was sold on sales-i soon after seeing it in action. “It provides a single, central location for all of the information we need,” Alex says.

sales-i is becoming the talk of our industry! Christina Smyre
Marketing and Sales Manager


Despite only having sales-i on board for little over 7 months, the change at Bargreen Ellingson is already noticeable. “Our managers now have more opportunities to see where we can make more money and sales-i gears them towards holding more accountability as we grow the company,” Christina explains. She uses sales-i to prepare the company’s growing salesforce thoroughly to see exactly when their customers order, what they’ve ordered and precisely how they are trending. “sales-i has changed us dramatically,” she says.

As a territory salesperson, Alex has been impressed with his company’s decision to introduce sales-i: “It allows us access to information that we previously simply didn’t have without poring over countless spreadsheets and documents. I can say I’ve been able to grow my sales between 10 and 15% since using sales-i.”

What's next?

Through the use of sales-i, the team at Bargreen Ellingson is already enjoying the high level of insight that the system provides. This level of account awareness and complete transparency is empowering the entire company to surpass their competitors and continue on their upward climb to dominating the restaurant supplies industry.

“As a whole company, we’re making more money, we’re being proactive and to have an instant in-depth view is priceless for us,” Christina concludes.

Want a 20% increase in sales like Bargreen Ellingson?

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