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Betts Spring Manufacturing

sales-i helps Betts Spring Manufacturing to tackle the looming threat of globalization.


As an aftermarket manufacturer and importer of made to order coil springs, leaf springs and wire forms to fit a variety of applications from the automotive and construction to agriculture and military industries.

About Betts Spring Manufacturing

Headquartered in Fresno, California, the Betts Company has been in operation since 1868 and has offered exceptional customer satisfaction and products from day one; a tradition that they still continue to uphold.

“We needed something that would bring all of our company information together.”

The Challenge

In an industry dominated by fierce price wars and the looming threat of global competition, Betts Spring Manufacturing looked to technology to get the upper hand.

“Getting sales data and customer history out of our ERP software DST, was a challenge in itself. Our IT team used to manage that but it had no CRM or analytics capabilities,” Joe Devany, Director of Operations for Betts comments.

In a fast-paced industry, Joe was all too aware of the company’s need for something better, and fast: “We needed something that would bring all of our company information together.”

The Solution

As a business division of the Betts Company, its other business units Betts Truck Parts and Service and Betts HD had been using sales-i for some time when it became apparent that Betts Spring Manufacturing needed to follow suit.

“An analytics tool was always on our radar and we had a roundabout way to get sales information from an intelligence standpoint, but it didn’t come close to how the data is presented in sales-i.”

"sales-i is a really easy tool to use, it’s not intimidating at all. The entire team are big fans of it!” Joe Devany
Director of Operations


Since introducing sales-i in 2015, the change at Betts Spring Manufacturing has been remarkable. Joe and the Betts sales team now have more structure to how they plan their activities: “We used to rely on whatever intelligence they had gained and saved in their calendars or on a spreadsheet, but now the sales team can look at an account in sales-i and decide on some key talking points. They’re no longer visiting customers just for the sake of it.”

The Variance enquiry in particular has been a real game changer for the company, allowing them to quickly spot any changes in spend, where growth opportunities lie and what the margins are down to product level. The team are now on top of any shifting accounts and can spot if a customer might have started buying elsewhere before it is too late.

The reporting element in sales-i has proved to be very popular with the team at Betts Spring Manufacturing. “We can print out some really nice reports that look like they took hours to create and present these to our customers, making us look very professional in front of our accounts.”

“From a management standpoint, sales-i makes it very easy to see how the team is performing and identify any focus areas for them. It has given us more insight into our customers. We can identify where there might be business risks and be proactive rather than reactive,” Joe adds.

What's next?

Despite expecting resistance when implementing a new system, Joe has been impressed with how quickly the team took to sales-i. “Going from no system to sales-i, we fully expected it to be challenging, but showing them sales-i was the exact opposite,” Joe says.

“Our guys were starving for something like this so that made the process a lot easier, but sales-i is a really easy tool to use, it’s not intimidating at all. The entire team are big fans of it!” Joe concludes.

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