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BTN Turbo

Leading distributor of automotive turbochargers has been using sales-i to their advantage since 2009.


BTN Turbo, one of the largest independent distributors of turbos in the world have been using sales-i for over 7 years and are using the system to continue their upward trend in a competitive market.

About BTN Turbo

As one of the largest independent distributors of turbos in the world, BTN Turbo distributes turbochargers through Factors across the UK into every market segment. BTN carry 2,500 part numbers and have over 18,000 turbochargers in stock, available for next day delivery.

Supplying all of the major turbocharger brands across a multitude of applications, from cars and heavy commercial vehicles, to marine and agricultural. BTN Turbo are dedicated to providing an exceptional product and service to all of their customers, however large or small.

“sales-i is an invaluable tool at every level and I think it’s a real motivator for our sales guys!”

The Challenge

In a price sensitive industry with a large number of competitors offering non genuine lower cost products, BTN Turbo strive to deliver the most cost effective quality solution for their customers.

When Sales Director Damian Stone joined BTN Turbo in 2008, it became apparent the business needed to implement a new CRM system.  Having used Act! previously for a few years it was clear there were inherent problems associated with the system. “Act! was too clunky and the sales guys were reluctant to use it, therefore data input was inconsistent.  It made it difficult to extract and analyse information and we were constantly having to manipulate data into the appropriate format.”

The Solution

As Damian started to look for an alternative solution to help his new sales team, sales-i became an obvious choice. “I had a meeting with sales-i to see the system in action and that was it; I was so impressed with sales-i, we didn’t need to look at anything else. It did what we needed it to do and was a cost-effective solution for us.”

I was so impressed with sales-i, we didn’t need to look at anything else. Damain Stone
Sales Director


The team at BTN Turbo has now been using sales-i since early 2009 and they haven’t looked back since.

“Our sales guys work by territory, so it’s really useful for them to be able to punch in a postcode and then look at the accounts in that area, the size of those accounts and how they’re performing. They can plan their visits efficiently with this information which is really key for us.”

Damian’s sales team are heavily supported in working autonomously.  They provide a one-page summary report of their territory for their monthly sales meeting, all other reporting is recorded on sales-i.

“sales-i allows the team to work effectively and provides information easily that helps them to manage their territories without the need for micromanagement on the team.  The notes section is a helpful reminder about what they discussed, and agreed previously with a customer so they can have a sensible follow on conversation the next time they visit an account. All I need from a management perspective is a two or three-line summary of their meetings, no more than that. I can review their performance in sales-i at any time, so I don’t need them spending time writing supplementary reports, which is time away from customers.”

“One function I really like about sales-i is the Variance report. It allows me to see a snapshot of the team’s performance within their respective territories. Once you are aware of a problem you can then start to put corrective plans in place. This might involve building a local marketing campaign to combat increased competition, or simply build awareness.”

“When you’re visiting four or five customers in a day, week after week, it’s hard work. sales-i allows the team to plan their weeks effectively ahead of time with all the data to hand.  At the end of the month, I download a full report from sales-i outlining where the guys have been and what they’ve been discussing with their customers.”

Damian mentioned he is often surprised at the number of companies that still use spreadsheets as the basis of their CRM tool and are just not aware of the benefits of a web-based tool such as sales-i.

What's next?

“It’s a fantastic tool for the sales guys and, for anyone in a senior sales management position, it’s invaluable. You’ve got all that information at your fingertips and it’s very easy to look at the areas of the business that are, and are not performing. You can then drill down to understand the detail.”

“sales-i is an invaluable tool at every level and I think it’s a real motivator for our sales guys. They enjoy using it as much as I do. And from a management perspective, it’s an awesome tool!”


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