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sales-i is a game changer for leading UK automotive supplier.


Sales are 10% up year on year at leading automotive workshop supplies company with the help of sales-i.

10% sales increase
7,000 products
3 years using sales-i

About Clampco

Established back in 2001, Clampco has grown at an incredible rate from day one. Serving the automotive, fast fit and motor factor markets, the company supplies everything from exhaust fittings and tyre repair materials through to mops and latex gloves.

When it comes to the automotive consumable market, Clampco has fast become a ‘one stop shop’ for thousands of garages up and down the country.

"With the help of sales-i, our sales are 10% up year on year. It is simple to use and that is what I like, it’s self explanatory."

The Challenge

With the business going from strength to strength, an expanding product range and a growing customer base, Clampco’s Managing Director, Stuart Hubble has been sure to maintain traditional values at the very heart of operations. ‘Big enough to cope, small enough to care’ is a motto that trickles down through the entire business.

Despite business information being available in existing systems, getting it out was “a real chore,” Stuart says.

Faced with an incumbent system that was unable to provide the high level of detail Stuart needed to manage his business effectively and a limited level of reporting, he looked to find a solution that would work successfully in conjunction with his rapidly growing company.

The Solution

Brought up in conversation with a friend (an existing sales-i user) over at Universal Automotive, Stuart was sold on the system soon after seeing it for the first time due to the level of analysis, functionality and detail that sales-i could provide.

This was little over three years ago and Clampco continues to use sales-i on a daily basis to better understand each and every one of their customers and prospects, with a truly granular level of detail.

sales-i has been a game changer for us. Stuart Hubble
Managing Director


Despite having very little Business Intelligence or CRM experience, sales-i was a welcome addition to the team soon after being introduced.

With proactive account management, sales-i has allowed both the sales team and Stuart to access all relevant information about their customers quickly, with the assurance that data is always up to date.

“sales-i has been a game changer for us. I can look at my customers, who has spent, who hasn’t, who was buying from us but isn’t any more and their overall spend on a daily basis”, says Stuart, who has been impressed with the level of information sales-i gives him.

Yet the biggest value for Stuart is the time he is saving on a daily basis. No longer devoting days on end to preparing reports, Stuart now has the time to analyze his business much more than he used to, with all the information he needs right at his fingertips.

What's next?

Over the past two years, sales-i has made a marked difference for Clampco. “With the help of sales-i, our sales are 10% up year on year”, adds Stuart.

With sales-i, the sky is the limit for Clampco. Analyzing the successes of the business is straightforward and Stuart has high hopes that the entire team will be using the system in the very near future.

“sales-i is simple to use and that is what I like, it’s self explanatory.”

Want a 10% uplift in sales like Clampco?

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