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Grange Fencing

Blending modern technology and traditional skills to revolutionize sales.


Grange Fencing has successfully combined modern technology with traditional skills to revolutionize their sales operation with business, sales and customer intelligence from sales-i.

About Grange Fencing

Established back in 1868, Grange has well over 140 years of experience in the fencing industry. With a solid reputation for quality and excellence, Grange’s passion and dedication to their industry, a superior product and customer service is truly tangible.

As the top supplier of wooden garden fencing in the UK, Grange supplies many leading retailers and distributors up and and down the country. In an industry with countless suppliers, maintaining their competitive edge would be no mean feat. Grange sought to capitalize upon and cement their leading position in the market.

"We are more aware of any movement in our accounts now. We can use sales-i to look into our customer's behavior to prepare for meetings, highlighting our best opportunities and top selling ranges with each customer."

The Challenge

To maintain their leading position, the team needed relevant and actionable information about each of their accounts in order to maximize every opportunity that arose. The need for up to date information that was easy to access meant that the sales team was often wasting precious selling time wading through internal spreadsheets to garner the information they needed to complete calls or meetings.

Reporting also presented the team with a formidable challenge, as all account reports were manually prepared using internal spreadsheets. There was little understanding of how each account was performing, whether there were additional selling opportunities or which accounts were slipping the wrong way.

The Solution

Following a glowing recommendation from a Grange customer, the company was sold on sales-i. After seeing the benefits that would accompany transparent insight into the performance of their business during a meeting with sales-i, Grange rolled out the system to their sales team.

Sales Manager, Shaun Amis had just joined the business when sales-i was introduced and today, the system is used across the entire sales operation. With previous experience of business intelligence solutions, Shaun was aware of the value that such a system could bring to a company such as Grange and ensuring the sales team followed and understood his vision was a priority.

sales-i is now an integral part of the working day for the sales team. Shaun Amis
National Sales Manager


From day one, the sales operation at Grange incorporated sales-i into their working routines. Shaun was excited by how quickly his team got on board with the system following the initial training provided by sales-i. Soon after the sales team was accustomed to the system, Shaun began incentivizing each and every member to use the system on a daily basis to log calls, analyze accounts, plan journeys and identify any opportunities or competitive threats.

From a management perspective, Shaun has the complete visibility he needs to manage his team effectively. sales-i has meant each member of the sales team is now targeted as an individual and the management team is now able to see month on month, week on week where each rep is in terms of their targets.

Furthermore, Shaun has been able to streamline and optimise his sales team. “Using sales-i, I can see how my team is performing and set performance related tasks that enable me to identify any weakness in the team and work to correct these, resulting in savings to the business.

What's next?

Grange’s reputation for quality and excellence is paramount and arming the sales team with accurate, timely information allows the company to demonstrate their understanding of their customer and industry.

Shaun is the key advocate for sales-i in the business and in an industry that is always evolving; sales-i provides him with a top-level view of how the business is performing as a whole.

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