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Harte Peat

Leading soil and peat moss supplier enters the digital age with sales-i.


Harte Peat is leading the way in a traditional industry with the introduction of sales-i’s Business Intelligence software.

About Harte Peat

Founded in 1987 with the primary objective of providing quality casing soil (peat moss) to the mushroom industry, Harte Peat is today one of the best-known suppliers in the market. With customers in more than 15 countries worldwide, Harte Peat is renowned for its quality products and outstanding level of customer service.

Harte Peat proudly manages the entire production process from its headquarters in County Monaghan, Ireland, allowing the company to ensure a superior product through rigorous quality checks to maintain their market leading position.

"Having instant sales data and the ability to produce snapshot sales reports for our customers is invaluable."

The Challenge

“The industry is incredibly competitive and remaining ahead is key for us. We need to ensure we can keep our cost base down but continue to supply a great quality product to our customers,” says David Austin, Sales Manager for Harte Peat.

Despite a competitive market, Harte Peat has continued to seek new opportunities and expand into new international territories. In such a bustling market, the company looked to technology to get and stay ahead of the competition.

The Solution

After hearing about sales-i through their IT supplier, Trojan IT, Harte Peat decided to implement the system in June 2014.

“We were very reliant on manual reporting and counting stuff up on your fingers just wasn’t feasible anymore,” David adds.

Having immediate access to up-to-date sales data is great! David Austin
Sales Manager


Since introducing sales-i little over 6 months ago, the system is already making an impact with David and his team. “Having immediate access to up-to-date sales data is great and I know we’ve only scratched the surface of what sales-i can do for our company.”

David is currently using sales-i to stay on top of the performance of his team and to streamline the company’s reporting efforts: “It’s so useful to be able to see actual sales data as opposed to what you think you’ve sold. I use sales-i a lot when I’m traveling to keep an eye on what is happening back at the office,” he adds.

“Simply having instant sales data, and the ability to produce snapshot sales reports for our customers is invaluable.”

What's next?

Despite historically being somewhat lacking in technology, Harte Peat has well and truly entered the digital age with the introduction of sales-i: “It was a big step for us to introduce sales-i, but it’s great and we’re looking forward to seeing what else sales-i can do for us in the future.”

“We have already started to implement the CRM function of sales-i and this will be a very useful tool as time goes on and the company continues to grow,” David concludes.

Need to enter the digital age like Harte Peat?

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