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P&E Distributors

P&E Distributors receives bottom line sales results with sales-i.


Tennessee based P&E Distributors has enjoyed a significant improvement in their sales team’s productivity thanks to sales-i.

About P&E Distributors

P&E Distributors, headquartered in Goodlettsville, TN, a leading supplier of performance aftermarket, mobile audio and electrical products has enjoyed significant improvements in productivity thanks to sales-i. The company sells primarily to independently owned performance and truck accessory dealers.

Before sales-i we had a very poor sales management process in place.

The Challenge

P&E thrives in what is a highly competitive industry by responding quickly to its customers and providing the best brands to meet their customers’ changing needs. It was this focus on customer service and responsiveness that initiated them to embark on a project to arm its sales force with the latest in sales and customer intelligence technology.

With an over-reliance on manual call sheets, the company wouldn’t know if a customer hadn’t been visited, or if there had been an issue with our service,” Donnie Eatherly, owner and President of P&E explains. “A lot got lost in translation, or we would find out too late. If we had been able to spot issues as they arose and monitor recurring problems, we would have been able to take action.”

The Solution

“Before sales-i we had a very poor sales management process in place, although both inside and outside sales staff were required to complete daily call sheets, we really could not do anything proactive with the information,” Donnie says. “This meant I couldn’t direct activity, which could mean an unhappy customer if our priorities weren’t aligned.”

It is a very good working tool, and one of the best technology investments you can make. Donnie Eatherly


From a management perspective, Donnie can’t speak highly enough of sales-i. “sales-i has taken pressure off the management departments, as the sales team now have an efficient way of accessing relevant customer information themselves. The sales force has new sales leakage reports that can help them to focus on the needs of their customers which has resulted in a more engaged and efficient sales team.”

He has been particularly pleased at how quickly and enthusiastically the sales team has embraced sales-i given that they belong to an older generation that doesn’t naturally adapt to technology.

What's next?

“The usability of sales-i has been a strong factor in its success here, ensuring willing adoption from the sales force. Within 30 days, our sales team was more effective. We are very pleased with sales-i,” Donnie concludes. “It is a very good working tool, and one of the best technology investments you can make.”

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