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Purity Brewing Co

The future is looking bright for leading craft brewery Purity Brewing Co.

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Warwickshire based Purity is fast becoming one of the leading craft breweries in the country and sales-i has equipped them with the tools needed to maintain the excellent levels of service they are known for.

30% growth
6 delicious beers
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About Purity Brewing Co

Born in the rolling Warwickshire countryside, Purity Brewing Co is one of the fastest growing craft breweries in the country. Home to three award-winning beers; UBU, Mad Goose and Pure Gold, Purity has been brewing since 2005.

In an industry that is incredibly fast paced with new products coming to the fore almost daily, Purity is renowned for their pure quality and dedication to producing an ecologically friendly beer. With a growing product range, the company is proud to produce these to the very best standard they can be. This is why it comes as no surprise that business has gone from strength to strength.

“As a company that owns and manages our own microbrewery, we are growing at an astounding rate. Following the launch of our latest product range, we have already experienced a 20% growth,” says Simon Lewis, Head of Sales and Distribution for Purity Brewing Co.

"The system is great, all the figures and calculations we need are there whenever we need them. It’s brilliant."

The Challenge

However, a lack of data interrogation and active recording of customer interactions, Purity sought to grow their professionalism and maintain the level of personal customer care they had become known for. As an industry that tends to run in waves, competition is always fierce and makes the challenge for craft breweries like Purity even tougher.

While the team is well equipped with extensive industry knowledge and a passion for their product, when it came to meeting preparation, they needed something more to optimize every sales opportunity.

Growing at such a fast rate brought to light the need for a sales tool that was easy to use and would cope with the company’s growth. Using brewery management system, Brewman, was working hugely in their favor yet managing sales efficiently was a grey area. “We’d turn up at a prospect’s location with little or no preparation and high hopes, we needed something more to step up our game.”

The Solution

Following an inbound call from the team at sales-i and a brief online demonstration, Simon was convinced that the system was right for them. “There was no doubt that sales-i provided the technology we needed. At a low cost, the system was far less obtrusive than other alternatives we had looked at and the integration with Brewman was straightforward,” he adds.

Despite having little Business Intelligence and CRM experience before sales-i, the system has made an impressive mark at Purity Brewing. As the team continues to grow, Simon is championing the system within the business and it remains his big push for the year ahead.

sales-i is great! Simon Lewis
Head of Sales


“The system is great, all the figures and calculations we need are there whenever we need them. It’s brilliant,” says Simon. As Head of Sales and Distribution, he is an active user of sales-i on a daily basis with the ability to manipulate, slice and dice all the business and sales information the team needs for every meeting.

Excellent customer satisfaction is one of the core values at Purity Brewing and the CRM functionality in sales-i is helping the company to maintain the level of service they are known for. “We complete the CRM when we are out and about on iPads and iPhones so that we always know where we stand with our customers. I then have a full daily report of where the team has been, what they’ve done and what their next steps with a customer or prospect are.”

What's next?

The future of sales-i at Purity Brewing is certainly looking bright and with the growth of the business set to continue, the company is on track to meet and exceed their 30% year on year growth target.

Want 30% growth like Purity Brewing Co?

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