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Workplace Essentials

Office products and equipment supplier is leading the way in a highly competitive marketplace with introduction of sales-i.


Workplace Essentials introduces sales-i for instant insight into customer buying behavior, empowering the sales team to adopt a more proactive way of working.

20,000 products
3 retail branches
4 sales-i users

About Workplace Essentials

Headquartered in Kentville, Nova Scotia, Workplace Essentials is one of the leading suppliers of office equipment, stationary and furniture in Nova Scotia. Renowned for their best in class service and a product range as diverse as they come, Workplace Essentials is committed to providing an exceptional experience for every customer.

Established over 50 years ago, the business has since grown to three retail locations in mainland Nova Scotia serving thousands of customers across the region.

"sales-i helps me to keep my finger on the pulse of the business. It has given us complete visibility that we didn’t have before."

The Challenge

In a challenging industry, Workplace Essentials had already begun to feel the effect that the advent of the paperless office was having upon the office products sector as a whole. Further, the innate competitive nature of the industry at both a regional and national level means that Workplace Essentials is always looking for new ways to compete.

Paul Dixon, VP of Sales, was overseeing a growing sales team, but devoting untold hours preparing sales reports and documents was simply not feasible for his team members. “Our backend solution provided some basic reporting, but it wasn’t enough for us to manage our accounts and didn’t incorporate any CRM functionality.”

The Solution

The time came for Workplace Essentials to really step up their game and decided to introduce sales-i to their team. Following a seamless integration with their current back office provider and sales-i, the company began to roll out the system to each of their sales people.

“Most of the solutions we looked at before sales-i were just basic CRM systems and they simply didn’t give us the core data analysis to see our customer buying behavior that sales-i did.”

With sales-i, I know exactly where we are doing well and where we may be struggling. Paul Dixon
VP of Sales


sales-i has already made a marked impact on business at Workplace Essentials and Paul couldn’t be happier. “One of my biggest priorities is to continue to evolve the team and I see sales-i as a key portion of that.”

The sales team now has instant access to key information to better manage their customers, allowing them to understand exactly how each account is performing. “The Leakage feature is great, it illustrates exactly where we might be slipping in business. Before sales-i, we’d always find out too late that we were losing a customer.” The system has completely turned that around for Workplace Essentials to the point that the team can now proactively call on customers before they consider switching to a competitor.

What’s more, the team is able to remain ahead of the competition with the instant sales opportunities that sales-i is now alerting them to.

What's next?

“sales-i reminds my team about key deals, customer trends and sales opportunities to drive more business – this is very beneficial from that standpoint,” adds Paul.

Since introducing sales-i little over 12 months ago, the team at Workplace Essentials is now looking to develop and grow an inside sales department. “It is in development but we are beginning to roll out an inside sales team, something that we would have not been able to do before sales-i. Now we are able to supply inside sales reps with complete access to all customer information and reduce our reliance on outside sales reps,” says Paul.

“sales-i helps me to keep my finger on the pulse of the business and I know exactly where we are doing well and where we may be struggling. It has given us complete visibility that we didn’t have before,” Paul concludes.

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