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in Business Intelligence

With more data being produced than ever before, the need for more effective, efficient processes has grown too. Predictive analytics is one such process, and one that until recently was reserved only for those who were particularly technically minded.

But fast forward to touch screens, fast food apps and instant streaming of all your favourite TV shows – and it makes sense that some of that technology should be put to good use in the working world, too


Just like ‘Millennials’ and ‘Big Data’, Business Intelligence has been one of those annoying business buzzwords in recent years.

But while everyone is talking about it, how many people actually know what Business Intelligence is?

In all fairness, Business Intelligence (BI for short) is a topic that’s very easy to get confused about, especially with all the hot air and poor content going around on the subject these days

Spreadsheets are destroying your business

With an estimated 1 billion people using Excel, Microsoft has made a pretty powerful piece of software. Whether you love or hate spreadsheets ,they do have a vital role in almost every business, especially when it comes calculating data.

So, why are spreadsheets destroying your business?

The answer is simple…

1. They’re time consuming

2. They ‘re difficult to understand

3. They’re prone to errors