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The Top 9 Sales Tools To Boost Prospecting

The internet is awash with apps, downloads and systems promising to make your work day a breeze. The challenge isn’t finding a solution but finding the best solution for you and your industry.

Although we cannot guarantee we have the perfect sales tools listed here to allow you to hit your sales target from a remote tropical island, we think our top picks could fight off stress during your work week

7th December 2017
ERP Implementation

A long time ago, in a factory far, far away, a humble paper-based scheduling system heralded the dawn of Enterprise Resource Planning….

And just over a century later, the use of ERP systems has exploded.

Historically viewed as the domain of the big boys, ERP systems are becoming more popular with organizations of all sizes. Even in 2012,


No one likes change, but when it comes to technology, some people can be particularly resistant. So how can you win over a technophobe?

Here are the top 5 issues that influence the negative perception of technological change for salespeople and how to turn tech cynics into tech evangelists:


Forced technical upgrades

So much time and consideration goes into the costs, relevancy and implementation of a product without drawing on your most valuable resource – those that will have to use it every day