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As medical supply manufacturers face increasing pressure to bypass wholesalers altogether and turn to ecommerce platforms and big box stores, the industry’s overall growth potential becomes drastically limited. With the industry landscape changing, identifying product slippage and cross sell opportunities will become more important than ever. Utilizing business intelligence software is an easily accessible competitive advantage that companies feeling pressured by big box stores and ecommerce retailers are turning to

Gordon Gekko

This isn’t an 80’s rom-com and you are not Gordon Gekko. Business catchphrases are cliché and often flag up to customers that you are not treating them as individuals. Overused sales patter can quickly turn a client off. So, pause next time you go to assure someone your product is a ‘win-win’ for them or that it provides ‘peace of mind’… yawn. You can do better than that. Tell them a real example from a current client similar to them, or better yet, tailor a few personalized projections based on your prospect’s business

Do you work in Business Development or Account Management or are you looking for a job in these fields?

A quick search on LinkedIn reveals that there are currently over 130,000 advertised jobs available, all, of course, have differing job descriptions.

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Well, as anyone who works in a Business Development or Account Management job role can surely relate to, all you really need to ask yourself is do you have these 11 qualities? *

*Please note these should be taken with a pinch of salt!