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As a manufacturer, wholesaler or distributor, 80 –  90% of next year’s revenue will come from your existing customers. Knowing which customers are at risk of leaving, could be buying more or are true advocates of your brand is an essential part of a successful business.

To gain insight, you need to apply a customer health score to every account. You may already do this with a red, yellow, or green system

Never underestimate the importance of a customer complaining.

It is far better for a customer to be annoyed and let you know rather than for a customer to be annoyed and leave you without you even realizing.

It means you have an opportunity to put things right and to potentially build a relationship with them, where there may not have been one before.

However, there is no doubt that handling a customer complaint can be a daunting task.

The infographic below gives 9 steps to follow to help both you and the customer get through this difficult process

customer retention strategy
How To Retain Customers That Are Valuable To Your Business

Enticing the customers through the door is the easy part. Getting them to stay (customer retention) is where the challenge begins. Learning how to tailor your service to each individual customer is the secret to maintaining a positive relationship, and developing it into one that lasts. But how exactly do you ensure your customers stay happy? Sometimes looking at them in a different light can help to deliver a service that will keep them happy, and make them stay…