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What’s the difference between ERP software and BI software? These are two pieces of software that are often confused, muddled up and perceived to be something they are not. What they are however are two very distinct pieces of software that do very different things.

Enterprise Resource Planning (or ERP) software doesn’t really live up to its name. In fact, does it at all? Planning, it doesn’t do much of that

data silo

We were all taught the importance of sharing when we were young. From offering up the last cookie to making sure we all had a chance to get a go on the school’s one and only scooter, sharing was – and still should be – one of the fundamentals of everyday life. Still, the silo mentality is living proof that many of us seemingly forget that basic lesson instilled in us as children.

Of course, silo thinking isn’t always fueled by selfishness, but sometimes simply a lack of awareness

Why ERP needs BI

ERP software is commonplace in many businesses today. No matter the size of your business, an ERP solution will unite every corner of your business into a streamlined, well-oiled machine.

But is it enough to really take your business from good to great? Probably not. Business Intelligence software however, can and will change your business for the better (and if you don’t yet know the difference between ERP and BI, check out my post here)