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4 ways a CEO can help create sales success

As CEO of your company, you’re probably overrun with jobs to do, people demanding your attention every other minute and an overarching responsibility to ensure the success of your company.

At the end of the day, a CEO has to report back to his or her board of directors and demonstrate year-on-year sales success. While no CEO should micro-manage their head of sales, every single one should take a serious interest in the way that all-important department is going


How can we measure what is most important in a business scenario? It is important for companies to understand that their customer’s needs go beyond demographic data. Enter firmographics, the business equivalent of demographics.

Firmographics are to every organization what demographics are to describing people. The most common questions of firmographics center around employee size, revenue size, industry, number of locations and location headquarters. Across organizations and within each of these categories, both the distributions of values and trends will be of interest

Black background

sales-i’s CEO and co-founder, Paul Black, has won in the ‘Outside the Box’ category at this year’s Switched on Business Awards. Paul, an early innovator of the SaaS delivery model, was a popular choice amongst the judging panel to win a category that recognizes business people who have challenged industry accepted practices, used new delivery mechanisms, or have found different routes to market