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LinkedIn Sales Tips

Do you want to connect better with your prospects and customers to increase revenue? Lee Holsgrove, from, the industry’s leading Sales Acceleration platform, walks you through 5 tips to help you drive business through social selling

When it comes to effective sales and marketing, you have to stay top dog. How? By knowing your current and potential customers inside and out. This can be difficult if you’re relying solely on gut feeling. Is there an easier way? Business Intelligence (BI) tools allow companies just like yours to effectively and efficiently analyze data and create proactive marketing strategies based on key insights.

BI has come a long way since the term was coined in the ‘80s. Today’s robust solutions are now available to all types of businesses

Attitude + gratitude = sales success!

Let’s face it, sales performance has plenty to do with attitude. * Do you love to prospect for new business? * Do you truly appreciate the opportunity to speak with a prospect and do you value their time? * Are you selling a product/service or providing a solution? * Are you completing a transaction or creating a relationship? * Do you have PASSION for what you sell or are you simply earning a living selling it?

You are not just the face of your organization, you are the organization