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The Jan/San industry is a busy market. Finding new growth opportunities can be a mammoth task. There are things you can do to ensure your sales stay strong and profits soar. We have put together a few hints and tips to get you thinking about changes that you can implement to establish a successful sales pipeline.

Tip 1: Understand your products, it can be difficult

It may seem obvious but not many businesses truly understand all of their product lines

The 'psychic' sales force

Anticipating your customers’ next move is no mean feat, even for the most seasoned of salespeople. There’s no ‘one size fits all’ approach that can magically unearth your customer’s next steps.

Every customer has their quirks and intricacies that will feed their decision making processes and it’s something not even the best salespeople will be able to predict. Not without a little help anyway.

Our CEO, Paul Black, spoke to