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7th March 2019
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AI in Manufacturing

Artificial Intelligence (AI) in manufacturing shows the greatest positive impact when compared to other industries. With documented success, why then are so many manufacturers slow to get onboard the AI train? And are those who have committed to AI reaping the full extent of the benefits it can offer?


58% of business and technology professionals are researching AI systems, yet only 12% are actively using them. (Source)


Leaving the EU is likely to bring both opportunities and challenges for high volume manufacturers.

For instance, many high volume manufacturing companies are worried about a possible end to tariff-free trade, while others see Brexit as an opportunity to do more business with lower-cost suppliers in countries such as China.

Three potential advantages and disadvantages of Brexit for high volume manufacturers are listed below


If you work in manufacturing you’ve probably heard the phrase ‘industry 4.0’ or ‘business 4.0’, first things first, what on earth does it actually mean?

Industry 4.0 is a somewhat scary ‘end of days’ techy way of saying that we’re now into the 4th era of industry. Some have described it as a 4th Industrial Revolution