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118 words and phrases you should never use in emails (unless you love spam filters)

Ah spam filters, the kryptonite of any super salesman or woman looking to get in touch with a prospect without calling or meeting them.

To beat the virtual gatekeepers, you’re better off not saying certain words, or they’ll get angry and throw your mail out before your prospect even gets a chance to ignore it.

If, like my Mother and girlfriend, you’re one of those people who always needs to know why, please feel free to tweet us @sales_i and we’ll let you know exactly why spam filters don’t like the words in the list of spam words below

In an increasingly digital world the traditional workplace has been extended onto social networks, professional networking sites and broken free of the regular 9 to 5. As a result, modern salespeople are having to navigate a shifting landscape of social do’s and don’ts as they build and nurture working relationships

abraham lincoln

Sales and marketing are essentially two sides of the same coin.

While sales professionals tend to sell on a one-to-one basis, marketers are focused on getting a message out to large numbers of people at a time.

That said, both departments have the same goals: to raise awareness of a product or service and, ultimately, sell it.

Although the two departments have very different day-to-day tasks that make this achievable, the snowball-like progress of technology over the past decade has seen the lines between two once entirely different jobs blur significantly