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insights on iOS update

We’re excited to announce another great update from our development team. These new features are now available for your iPhone and iPad. Head over to the App store to download all of these brand new features.

We’ve completely redesigned the Accounts page with a cleaner look so you can access all the information you need faster than ever before. A number of new icons, features and actions make for an all round better user experience


Yesterday, someone over at Apple finally got to smash a glass window with a tiny hammer and press the big, shiny red button that had been staring at them shouting “PRESS ME, PRESS ME!” for months on end to finally unleash iOS9 on the world.

Apple claim to have made a number of improvements to i0S9; naturally, some of them won’t work and will have people complaining on Twitter in no time. For now though, here are some of the best that supposedly work.


3 ways the Cloud can boost your productivity

Increased productivity is one of the biggest selling points of the Cloud and over 50% of businesses using Cloud based tools have already seen productivity benefits. Collaborating across borders and time zones has never been easier and the Cloud is swiftly making countless revisions of projects a thing of the past.

So just how can the Cloud encourage productivity in your business?

The very heart and soul of the Cloud lies in its simplicity. Every Cloud provider will strive to make the most menial of tasks as easy as possible for their users