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Spreadsheets are destroying your business

With an estimated 1 billion people using Excel, Microsoft has made a pretty powerful piece of software. Whether you love or hate spreadsheets ,they do have a vital role in almost every business, especially when it comes calculating data.

So, why are spreadsheets destroying your business?

The answer is simple…

1. They’re time consuming

2. They ‘re difficult to understand

3. They’re prone to errors


crm notes

You’ve just stepped out of that all-important sales meeting that you’ve spent hours prepping for, but the admin doesn’t stop there. Now you need to update your CRM notes to reflect on what was just discussed.

Working closely with salespeople, I know that this is regarded as a chore rather than an important selling task. Surely, every minute your taking notes is a minute lost selling

presentation slide templates

Designing a presentation isn’t easy. There’s the design, content and delivery to consider. However, the majority of people can come up with informative content and even deliver it to their audience in a clear, concise way. Their main challenge is the slides themselves. Not everyone is a graphic designer and can create visually pleasing slides, or maybe you just don’t have time to spend hours crafting the perfect slide.

To inspire (and help) you, I’ve designed 8 slide templates to use in your presentations ranging from a title slide to benefits and graphs to text and images