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contact management software

The term contact management software used to be synonymous with an online address book. Sure, it could be shared across departments, and notes could be made against customers’ records, but that was about it.

Fast forward to today, and contact management software has become the lynch pin of many organizations’ sales strategies.

So, what is contact management software and how can it help grow your business?

What is contact management software?

At the most basic level, a contact management system provides quick access to customers’ names and contact info

Gordon Gekko

This isn’t an 80’s rom-com and you are not Gordon Gekko. Business catchphrases are cliché and often flag up to customers that you are not treating them as individuals. Overused sales patter can quickly turn a client off. So, pause next time you go to assure someone your product is a ‘win-win’ for them or that it provides ‘peace of mind’… yawn. You can do better than that. Tell them a real example from a current client similar to them, or better yet, tailor a few personalized projections based on your prospect’s business

Lies prospects like to tell

As you’ve probably guessed by reading the title of this article, this isn’t the first time I’ve written about the lies that prospects love to tell. And in all honesty, I’m pretty sure it won’t be the last. That’s because, particularly here in Britain, prospects often lie to get salespeople off the phone. Sometimes it’s because saying no to someone straight away can seem bad mannered, blunt and, and downright rude