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At sales-i, we’re always on the lookout to support good causes and incredible people.

So, when our CEO Paul, heard about Virginia York’s selfless ‘Brave the Shave’ campaign for Macmillan, he was more than happy to donate £200 to such a worthwhile cause.

On 9th September, Virginia selflessly shaved her hair off with the aim of raising £1000 to support people living with cancer.

She said of her act, ”My hair is part of my personality and I’m known for it


We’re delighted to announce a handful of brand new updates to both the browser based and Android versions of sales-i, now available online or to download from the Apple App Store.

Export Tagging Reports

Following the introduction of the ability to add tags to the Record Card that will save you valuable time when managing a project, you can now export all of your tagged items as one single file. From contacts and documents to call history notes and opportunity, the now exportable tagging report is available as a spreadsheet at the click of a button

sage data and sales-i

There’s no denying that every version of Sage accounting system is a powerful piece of kit, helping millions of businesses to manage their finances and their customer data. However, Sage is confined to the finance department, yet the information it contains could help your sales team