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Discounting is an accepted part of contemporary and historical product pricing strategy. Justifications are often persuasive: Black Friday and Cyber Monday demonstrate that, if nothing else, customers are enthusiastic – occasionally to the extreme – about buying cut-price products.

Nonetheless, if you’re resorting to discounting, it’s quite likely that you’re ignoring some important flaws in your business model and product pricing strategy

sales incentives

OK, the weather’s turning glum, your sales team is too. As a sales manager you need to kick some life back into them. The question is, how do you re-engage and motivate your sales team?­

The answer is simple: you run a fun, simple sales incentive that truly packs a punch.

Below you’ll see a list of 17 sales incentives that I believe would even motivate Eeyore if he were to work in your team.

1. Wacky Races (or any other racing theme)

Pick a well-known race series like Wacky Races and let your salespeople pick their player