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rise of e-commerce technology

Businesses are constantly under pressure to adapt to changing consumer preferences. The rise of e-commerce is transforming how, when and why consumers choose to shop, affording them more convenience, flexibility and choice. They can compare a far wider range of products in an instant – and all from the comfort of their desk.

This change in shopping habits is having a wide-reaching impact, challenging how brands sell to consumers. Traditional methods like cold-calling are falling flat as people move increasingly online for their needs

How a strong ethos can shape your success – 6 Benefits of a strong Ethos

Like our beautiful, blue planet, every business has integral layers that create and control the way the company develops over time.

Let’s dig down to unearth the elements that make a business thrive.


In a word, no. It’s time we said it out loud, the ‘gift of the gab’ is an outdated, clumsy and selfish trait that you SHOULDN’T want your sales team to possess.

What does it even mean? In my experience it tends to describe a person’s natural ability to talk mostly nonsense to get what they want or get out of what they don’t want. Usually these are the people scudding through life on solely bravado and a prayer. Who wants that person on their team?

Times have changed. Customers don’t have to take a salesperson’s word for it