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Ahhh, the age-old question, “should your sales and marketing teams be aligned?” This is a topic that throws up a few heated discussions from both sales and marketing teams. My background involves many marketing roles from different sectors and I know first hand that marketing can be a difficult entity to shoe horn into another department.

Despite years of differing views there is still a sales and marketing alignment problem. So what are the pros and cons of making a

A business culture is nothing new. We all talk about how important it is to promote a productive culture in the workplace. But what about a healthy sales culture? Every sales director will have an idea of what his or her team culture should be like, but how often do we see a specific sales culture in business?

Sales operations should be a breeding ground for success, avid determination and the development of a competitive streak

Sales mistakes

Salespeople front your company. They represent (or should do) everything you stand for as a company and a brand. The way they sell, the way they present themselves and how they come across to prospects and customers reflects entirely on you.

Just to preface this post, we are only human after all. We do, from time to time, make mistakes. The sales arena is challenging and making small mistakes comes with the territory of a fast paced job