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Tracking KPIs

Is your business successful? To be able to answer that confidently, regardless of what your answer is, it depends on what you judge success by.

But what does KPI mean? KPI stands for Key Performance Indicator – the yardstick in determining which parts of your business function are succeeding or falling short (we don’t use the term fail!). KPIs can be set for the business as a whole, departments, customers and team members, all determined based on their contribution to the overall strategic plan of your business

close a sale

Ever heard the term ‘busy fool’? Essentially, it means prioritizing your work load incorrectly and giving greater urgency to tasks which don’t help you meet your key objectives. To be successful in sales, you have to be the very opposite of a busy fool – you need to know what actions to take in the short and long term which are going to help you succeed. That success is determined by one metric – your ability to close a sale.

Closing a sale isn’t a singular action, and those actions vary depending on communication channels, size of the deal and customer

how to increase sales

Dreading Thursday’s report because your sales figures don’t match up to those enthusiastic projections from last month? Wondering why your sales team are underperforming? Need new ways to boost sales? Wondering how to increase your sales?

As much as a decline in sales may not always be your fault, that doesn’t mean that there’s nothing you can do to turn it around. Understanding the problem is the first step to figuring out how to increase sales and tackle it head on – followed by learning the most appropriate response in order to fix it