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Optimize your LinkedIn for Sales in 5 minutes
Optimize your LinkedIn for Sales in 5 minutes

Just because you set up your LinkedIn profile does not mean that you are done. Far from it! You need to optimize your LinkedIn page to represent you, your skills, accomplishments and your business to your customers and prospects. If you don’t, you can be sure your competitors will.

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24th October 2018
The Social Media Sales Shift

Since making the move from a B2C charity in the arts sector to a B2B SaaS company that concentrates on the wholesale, manufacturing and distribution sectors, I have had to reassess my online presence.

The changes have been numerous. Whereas before my target audience was on social media to be, well, social, I am now knee-deep in commercial conversations, market challenges, and business connections.

Where I am spending my time has also been a significant shift from the bulk of it being on Facebook to now living on LinkedIn