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LinkedIn Sales Tips

Do you want to connect better with your prospects and customers to increase revenue? Lee Holsgrove, from, the industry’s leading Sales Acceleration platform, walks you through 5 LinkedIn sales tips to help you drive business through social selling

In an increasingly digital world the traditional workplace has been extended onto social networks, professional networking sites and broken free of the regular 9 to 5. As a result, modern salespeople are having to navigate a shifting landscape of social do’s and don’ts as they build and nurture working relationships


We are often guilty of ignoring our problems and just letting them tick away in the background while we focus on the positive things in our lives.

While it’s a nice way to go about living in the short term, it can do you some serious damage in the long-term.

Minor health niggles, small financial difficulties and bad habits can all become much more serious problems in the future if we ignore them in the present.

Well, believe it or not, exactly the same can be said for your sales process