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Here at sales-i, our people make us. As the heart and soul of our company, investing in them is imperative. Whether training courses, webinars or a good ol’ book; keeping our team at the top of their game is part and parcel of what we do.

In the last few months, our Chicago-based Customer Success team have taken it upon themselves to brush up on their skills, learn some new ones and become all round customer success superheroes

competent or incompetent

A few years back I attended a training course that outlined how we’re all at different stages in any task that we undertake. These stages of learning are directly related to our level of knowledge or experience, resulting in our level of competence.

The training course explicitly explained the four stages of learning – unconsciously incompetent, consciously incompetent, consciously competent and unconsciously competent

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Leading sales expert, Jeff Gardner, recently joined us here at sales-i to discuss the top strategies to maximize the adoption of sales-i across your company and ultimately, maximize your resources