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How to clear your cache

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Great news: we’ve given sales-i a brand new look and feel! This is, however, causing a small issue for a handful of our users with regards to seeing the new design.

The problem is that some machines have a cached version of the website, which essentially means they’ve pre-saved an old version and won’t pull through a new one for a short while.

To sort this, you can clear your browser’s cache. Below are links to some guides explaining how to do this on the most popular web browsers.

This won’t work for everyone however, as some companies have a Proxy Server (an internet gateway server) which also caches websites company-wide. This will fix itself in time, but you may want to ask your IT department to clear their Proxy Server cache to sort it immediately.

Please get in touch if your web browser is not listed below and we’ll walk you through it.

Browser not listed?

If your browser isn’t listed, get in touch with our support team and they’ll talk you through how to do this.

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