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A day in the life of Are you struggling to get the best out of your sales team?

sales-i is a sales performance tool created to make the life of any product-based salesperson less stressful and more profitable. Who doesn't want that?

Enter your name above and scroll down to see how sales-i can help you to sell smart.

sales-i is a sales performance tool created to make the life of any product-based salesperson less stressful and more profitable. Who doesn't want that?

Discover how sales-i can help you sell smarter everyday.

8:00am Time for Joe's first meeting

It's early, and normally a strong morning coffee would be desperately needed. It's needed slightly less though thanks to sales-i.

From Joe's diary, sales-i has automatically created all of the day's customer sales reports. They detail everything from previous spend to unmissable sales opportunities, from past meeting notes to the quickest routes to today's meetings.

sales-i has even made all of this available offline on Joe's mobile and tablet. The only thing it hasn't done is make any coffee.

10:30am Meeting done, time for that coffee

Despite having to endure 2 hours of stories about the customer's Chihuahua Doris, the meeting went well and Joe secured the first deal of the day.

Joe punches a few quick notes into sales-i for the team back at HQ to process the order, bids farewell to the customer and heads for the nearest coffee shop.

While picking up a drink for the road, Joe takes a quick look over the next customer's sales report - as created by sales-i last night - and heads for the meeting, fueled 90% by confidence and 10% by caffeine.

1:00pm New sales alert!

While ordering lunch, Joe receives a sales-i alert: a customer's spend, which is normally over $5,000 a month, is down by 70%.

"To the Batmobile, Robin!" Joe bizarrely shouts at the sandwich.

Joe steps outside, calls the customer and finds out that a competitor is offering 20% off on one of the company's best selling products. The head of sales is informed and they agree to run a counter-campaign to make sure that no more sales are lost. Good work, Batman.

3:00pm Who ya gonna call?

So far, so good. 4 closed deals, 1 new sales campaign and to top it all off, everyone at the sandwich shop thinks Joe is a lunatic.

Head back to the office to catch up on admin? What's the point? sales-i has done that already.

Putting the spare admin hours to good use, Joe logs into sales-i, punches in the current zip code and finds a nearby prospect. With a quick call and some sweet talk, a meeting is arranged for 4.00pm.

End of the day The real play begins

Another day, another dollar. Tomorrow's sales calls would usually be on Joe's mind now, but meeting notes are up-to-date, so sales-i can do all of tomorrow's prep while Joe gets another stress-free night's sleep.

After a day of selling smart and making customers feel like kings, it's time for Joe to get home and take care of the people who really matter.

If you want a less stressful, more profitable working life, sales-i can help. Book a free demo to see how.

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Reasons to use sales-i

  • Improve sales visibility
  • Increase sales margins
  • Catch slipping customer accounts
  • Get alerts to new sales opportunities
  • Build targeted marketing campaigns
  • Save time creating sales reports
  • Identify competitor threats early
  • Identify and cut out product leakage

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