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Find new sales opportunities, know where sales are dropping and spot product slippage.

The Discover section of sales-i does exactly what it says on the tin: it allows you to delve into your data and see detailed customer and product spending information so that you can identify new sales opportunities and find high priority customers. With this sales intelligence you’ve never been more in the know.


Variance can help any product-based salesperson spot when an account’s spend has dropped and exactly which products are selling less, meaning you don’t have to waste any time trying to work out what’s going on.

  • Know which product groups are up or down by comparing dates
  • Find out which customers spend is rising or falling
  • Discover the total revenue for each product or customer



Variance + – unsurprisingly – goes one step further than the simple Variance + enquiry. As well as comparing two date ranges, this enquiry allows you to analyze your data by a range of other measurements, including profit, sales, quantity and variance.

  • See percentage increases or decreases across all products
  • View the profit percentage on each product
  • Find out the amount of units sold



Full Picture is a great management feature which you can use to answer questions like, “Which customers have purchased more than 10,000 units of product A this month?“ and “Which customers have spent less than $15,000 this quarter?”

  • Know the average selling price of each product or product group
  • Discover product quantities sold, GP, value and cost for every account
  • Prioritize your customers accounts by knowing your 80:20 split



Sales vs. Gaps gives you the power to find gaps in a customer’s portfolio instantly.

This feature delivers a visual breakdown of the monthly spend for each customer you manage, making it incredibly easy to work out which accounts have great potential that isn’t being fulfilled.

  • Get a month-by-month breakdown of revenue for each product
  • Discover customer purchasing trends throughout the year
  • Spot which months are most profitable for you



  • “Our existing system simply didn’t do everything we needed it to from a reporting point of view. sales-i has become an everyday part of the business. We can generate reports with ease and the customer records are invaluable to the sales team.”

    Simon Rance

    Sales Director at TIMco
  • “Although Phocas has strong analytical functionality, you need to know the structure of your data before you can construct a report whereas sales-i is very intuitive and simple to use. The ‘drill down’ capability is very easy to use in sales-i which provides our Sales Representatives with instant analysis on product distribution between our key accounts. A combination of sales-i and our own ERP data has provided us with a powerful real-time CRM sales tool that has provided our company with smart business intelligence on our UK customer base.”

    Paul McCourt

    Operations Director at Hamilton Litestat
  • “sales-i Campaign Manager saves us hours when keeping in contact with customers. We use it to create intelligent, targeted call lists for our sales guys, enabling them to be proactive and more efficient. So often sales guys are busy, but not always on what is making them effective.”

    Steve Bradshaw

    Director at ATE

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