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Our predictive analytics inform your whole team of the market-wide trends hidden within your mountain of data, empowering everyone to fulfill their potential, and empowering you to make the right decision, every time.


Sit back and see the big picture

Pinpoint problem areas

Know exactly what's happening within your business from the amount of sales calls made to which products are falling in profit so you can act quickly.

Monitor top performers

Find out which products are your best sellers, which customers are most loyal to you and who is your best performing salesperson.

Meet company targets

Get powerful data displayed instantly in a dashboard. View sales figures compared to the same period last year and your progress towards company targets.

Spot market trends early

With predictive analytics, sales-i can quickly spot the same market-wide trends that regular market research would take months to find. Predictive analytics provides key insights on tap, allowing you to make future-focused decisions way in advance, keeping you one step ahead of the customer and the competition.

  • Make decisions with confidence
  • Decisions are based on fact and not gut instinct
  • Stay one step ahead of your competition

One system, multiple benefits

Like most CEOs and sales managers, you probably spend a lot of your time jumping from report to report and program to program, all the while trying to juggle your client, prospect and partner meetings. There is a better way; working with sales-i means working from one, all-inclusive piece of software, making it incredibly easy to find out exactly what you need to know, where you need to be, and who you need to call. Successful sales management has never been so easy.

  • Save time and effort using an all-in-one system
  • Get instant visibility of your business’ performance
  • Create reports in seconds rather than relying on secondhand information

Don't just take our word for it...

  • “We are delighted with sales-i. Some departments are doing 25% more business quarter over quarter.”

    Bill Vendramin

    Director at Kramer Leonard
  • “The results were astounding. I personally got 10 orders from calls in one day from customers who had not ordered in months.”

    John Garcia

    Sales Rep at Boss & Hughes
  • “sales-i Campaign Manager saves us hours when keeping in contact with customers. We use it to create intelligent, targeted call lists for our sales guys, enabling them to be proactive and more efficient. So often sales guys are busy, but not always on what is making them effective.”

    Steve Bradshaw

    Director at ATE

CEOs are flying blind

As a CEO do you make decisions based on gut instinct or data? Do you trust the reports your executives give you? Surprisingly, 46% of executives massage data before handing it over to their CEO ( Maybe you too are flying blind without even realizing it.


How a CEO can create sales success

As CEO of your company, you’re probably overrun with jobs to do, people demanding your attention every other minute and an overarching responsibility to ensure the success of your company. But using your position can massively improve conversion rates in sales. Here’s how.


Surprising stats about CEOs

A CEOs role is not an easy one. They need to meet the needs of employees, customers, investors, communities and the law. With so much pressure and diverse tasks, what really makes a good CEO and how are they using Big Data to aid their decision-making?


Assembling an all-star sales team

There’s never been any real agreement on what makes a great sales team. Is it charm? Or instinct? There’s no right or wrong answer to this question, which is why we’ve done some research into the traits that make up superstar sales teams.


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