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Easily manage hundreds of customers and thousands of products, no matter if you're a manufacturer, distributor or wholesaler.


Take your sales to the next level

Forecast the future

sales-i collaborates your financial and customer data. The result? Insight into your entire customer base that's so informative that every one of your salespeople will have the knowledge they need to get the job done.

Improve your bottom line

With more insight than you could shake a stick at, you'll have a seriously heightened understanding of who your customers are, what they purchase and, most importantly, what to talk about on the next call.

Boost customer retention

Every company leaks sales at some point or another, but only those who use sales-i know exactly where these sales were lost. This knowledge gives your salespeople a real reason to pick up the phone.

Software for Manufacturers

Now more than ever is the time to leverage technology and data to remain ahead of the competition.

  • Manage and track every interaction through one simple system, keeping everyone across the business up-to-date
  • Get alerts to your inbox when buying patterns change or accounts’ spend drops
  • See what customers have bought, what they haven’t bought and, most importantly, what they should be buying in just a few clicks


Software for Distributors

From globalization to the rising costs of overheads, the threats facing the distribution sector are as vast as ever. Focusing your efforts and harnessing the power of your data is key to the future success of your company.

  • Monitor individual product performance with a clear, graphical view of your sales data making it easy to see exactly what’s going on
  • Forecast your demand with buying patterns and changes in trends sent direct to your inbox in the form of alerts
  • Write telling customer and market reports at the click of a button; no more wasting hours in excel


Software for Wholesalers

Wholesalers the world over are striving to guarantee growth and understand their customer base while trying to improve processes and streamline costs.

  • Track and manage sales patterns to identify exactly who is buying what, revealing potential sales opportunities and future supply and demand predictions
  • Predict supply and demand with detailed analysis of previous sales trends and changes in individual account spend
  • Manage all of your customer and product information from one, simple system. There’s no need to jump from system to system, device to device any more


But don't just take our word for it...

  • “One of my team is a 60+ year old sales veteran and easily exceeded his sales target by 120%.”

    Rob St Barbe

    Sales Director at Saint Gobain
  • “Shortly after switching on sales-i, one of our field sales team identified a customer that had not bought from us in 2 years. Within a few days, he had taken an order and re-awoken it as a live account! This is having a really positive impact upon sales performance and morale.”

    Geoff Winstanley

    National Account Manager at RoDO
  • “The results were astounding. I personally got 10 orders from calls in one day from customers who had not ordered in months.”

    John Garcia

    Sales Rep at Boss & Hughes

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