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Get the information you need to make your sales team 100% effective, every day.

Whether you’re looking to overhaul the performance of your sales team or simply keep track of business critical information, sales-i has the functionality to help you with a dedicated BI system, designed for modern salespeople. Made specifically for ‘low-tech’ users, sales-i’s powerful business analytics software provides clear answers to your most commonly asked business questions. With our Business Intelligence software, you can truly focus on discovering new sales, managing customer relationships and growing revenues.



Nearly 50% of the salespeople we’ve spoken to struggle to spot which customers’ orders are dropping and where their next sale is coming from. That’s where our BI system can help.

Our BI tool is loaded with smart features to turn this situation around and find the easy-to-close sales opportunities within your customer data.

  • Find out which customer’s spend is rising or falling
  • View quantities sold, GP, value and cost for any account
  • Discover customer purchasing trends throughout the year


Managing relationships to maximize their spend and keep them loyal is key to any company’s growth and success.

The sales-i alerts system built within our BI software will let your sales team know when a sales opportunity is being missed, an account’s spend has changed and even when they’ve stopped spending altogether, so you can act before it’s too late.

  • Get in-depth facts and figures on all of your accounts instantly
  • Know your customers’ top products, spend summary and GP
  • Spot competitor threats to your accounts before they harm sales


To become the best seller in your team, you need to be able to identify easy-to-close opportunities, save valuable selling time by automating admin tasks and accelerate your entire sales pipeline to get more sales through the door.

Business intelligence applications like sales-i are perfect for this. These are the exact reasons why our sales performance software has been designed to give to any product-based salesperson everything they need to close more sales from the moment they log in.

  • Automatically generate all your sales information every day
  • Run targeted marketing promotions with real purpose
  • Automatically be alerted when there are changes in behavior

What do you get with sales-i?


Get the information you need for each customer account auto-generated every day.


Mine your data to uncover sales opportunities, key financials and overall performance.

My Calls

Plan and manage your day with ease, knowing who to call, when to call and what to talk about.

Campaign Manager

Account alerts from your set criteria. E.g., like who has bought Product A but not Product B this month?


Manage all of your contact information and blend it with your transactional data for better visibility.

Document Storage

Save, share and collaborate on any documents associated with your customer accounts.

Command Post

Get a top level view of your entire business from phone calls made to financial data.


Generate in-depth sales reports that have all the information you need in seconds.

Smartphone apps

Always out on the road? No problem with our native iOS and Android applications.


Do your salespeople use smartphones or tablets at work? The sales-i Business Intelligence apps for Apple and Android devices are free to all customers. With key information available offline, the apps ensure that, no matter whether your teams are in Tennessee, Timbuktu or sat at their desks, they’ll always be right at the heart of your business with mobile BI solutions.

Apple app store

Google play store


sales-i is paid for monthly, so upfront costs are lower than buying outright and you only pay for the size of subscription you need. It also means if we didn’t keep improving, our customers would leave.


If we couldn’t keep your data safe, we simply would not have a business. That’s why we use a combination of world-class, tried and tested security systems to ensure your data is secure at all times.


sales-i is Cloud-based, meaning you log in just as you would with Facebook. There’s nothing to install or update and you’ll have access from any laptop, tablet or mobile device through either the website or app. Cloud BI solutions enable quick, easy access at all times.


  • “sales-i has provided Rawlplug with professional live up to date sales values and records of our customer interaction with our sales teams. It has become an invaluable tool providing instant access to customer records whenever you need it, wherever you are.”

    Jonathan Metcalfe

    Sales & Marketing Director at Rawlplug
  • “We can be very responsive with sales-i alerts, delivering real-time information to mobile phones and acting on them immediately which projects a very positive image of our company.”

    Paul Archer

    Managing Director at Sykes-Pickavant
  • “Every month this year, my sales team has reached its sales target and I directly attribute this to sales-i.”

    Mark Terry

    National Sales Manager at Howarth Timber
  • “Before sales-i we had a very poor sales management process in place. It is a very good working tool, and one of the best technology investments you can make.”

    Donnie Eatherly

    President at P&E Distributors
  • “sales-i provided the best functionality at the best cost and is the best sales intelligence solution for C.H. Hanson.”

    Phil Hanson

    Executive Vice President at C.H. Hanson
  • “The system is great, all the figures and calculations we need are there whenever we need them. It’s brilliant.”

    Simon Lewis

    Head of Sales at Purity Brewing

Specifically for wholesalers, manufacturers and distributors

Our Business Intelligence tool is packed full of easy-to-use features that are specifically designed for wholesalers, manufacturers and distributors. Our built-in CRM lets you quickly edit contact details and meeting notes, store key documents and manage sales opportunities with ease. What’s more, you’ll be able to create detailed sales reports in an instant, plan your daily calls easier and know the transactional history of every customer at the click of a button.

It doesn’t stop there either as our Business Intelligence is the sales tool to speed up your selling to existing customers and prospects. You’ll get features that alert you when sales patterns change, how to find new opportunities from your business data and automatically create reports on the fly. sales-i frees up your selling time so you can concentrate on reeling in drifting customers and boost your sales pipeline, with zero effort.

User types

The flexible, intuitive solution for managing your customers, prospects and sales pipeline.

Sales User

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CRM access

Diary management

Customer and product analysis

Automated sales reports

Desktop and app access


Team Leader

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Includes all of Sales User plus:

Campaign creation

Targets reporting

Team reporting


Power User

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Includes all of Team Leader plus:

Manage users

CRM export

CRM setup

Create global saves

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