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the matrix

People have haggled and bartered in business since the days of ancient market stalls. But for just as long, salespeople have found tactics to deal with unfair requests and also, to make the most of warranted ones.

Nowadays, salespeople have less power than ever when it comes to a request for a discount; the amount of competition in every market means customer loyalty is cheap and saying yes to discounts can sometimes be the only way of ensuring that a customer doesn’t go and spend their money elsewhere

And is it right for my team?

There are many types of management styles out there – so how do you know which one is right for your team? It all comes down to what you do, how you do it, and who exactly is doing it. As there is no set way to define a management type by role or department, it very much has to align with the values and processes that your team already has in place.

That said – a performance management system can often work very well in sales teams

crm for small business

Regardless of what you may have heard elsewhere, size doesn’t matter – when it comes to implementing CRM software that is. However many employees a company has or how much it’s turning over, an online CRM system can always help to streamline processes, save time and increase profits. Discover some of the benefits of CRM systems below to see why businesses of all sizes can benefit from its implementation.

Organizing Information For large companies, the benefits of a CRM system can be obvious

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