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A repetitive approach to sales isn’t sustainable for any company, regardless of its shape or size. Without a regular injection of motivation and innovation, salespeople will merely rely on their tried and tested pitches, and by doing so, risk missing lucrative opportunities to bring in new business.

The question is: what prevents good salespeople from becoming great? To answer this, we surveyed 280 salespeople, about the ongoing challenges they face in their roles. The results highlighted several common concerns

taking notes

Every sales team is prone to forming bad habits. The successful ones recognize and fix them; the unsuccessful ones entrench them deeper and deeper into their day-to-day processes until they’re effectively impossible to dislodge.

Where processes for managing customer relationships are absent, poor behaviors can sometimes be almost an unofficial policy—reinforced by the practiced justifications of seasoned salespeople, who pass them on to their less experienced colleagues, who embed them even deeper into ongoing behavior

bad salesperson

Is your business being hampered by ineffective or inadequate salespeople? Here’s how you can change their bad habits.

If you do a quick Google search for “how to become a more effective salesperson”, you’ll be greeted by hundreds upon hundreds of articles outlining the key habits salespeople should be adopting to ensure they hit their quotas on a consistent basis

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