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As the sales-i family gets bigger and bigger, we are happy to welcome Dan to the team over in our Chicago office. As much as I’d like to say I had a lovely trip to Chicago to meet him and quiz him, it was unfortunately done via email at 8pm last night.

So enter Dan….(I always want to put ‘the man’ at the end of that. I’m sure he wouldn’t object).

Who are you?

I’m Dan Sullivan, born and raised in Pittsburgh, PA. I graduated from the University of Dayton last May and have joined the sales-i business development team

Every man and his dog talk around selling the ‘value’ of your product and not on price. This is a valid argument because if you have sold your value then price shouldn’t even become an issue. True value is the perception of a prospect, so if you’re hitting all the right buttons and presenting a solution that really solves their problem you shouldn’t have to undercut your competitors on price. The following will help you start selling value rather than price.

“Price is what you pay, value is what you get”

Your market hasn’t got an infinite number of businesses, so you’ll probably find that your best prospects already have someone supplying them with a similar product or service to what you sell.

Where the problem lies is when these prospects have built up a relationship with their current supplier. Whether they are satisfied or even if their current service falls below their expectations it is still a mammoth task to get them to take note of you. The reason many meeting requests are refused is because they have built up these long-term relationships

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