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sales-i is proud to announce our recent membership of GIMA, the Garden Industry Manufacturers’ Association. Representing both UK and pan-European companies supplying the UK garden industry, GIMA serves to promote and protect their commercial, trading and industrial interests.

GIMA also fosters the exchange of views and opinions between members and organizations on matters of importance both within a external to the industry. As a GIMA member, sales-i joins over 150 companies with a combined turnover approaching £1.5 billion


How can we measure what is most important in a business scenario? It is important for companies to understand that their customer’s needs go beyond demographic data. Enter firmographics, the business equivalent of demographics.

Firmographics are to every organization what demographics are to describing people. The most common questions of firmographics center around employee size, revenue size, industry, number of locations and location headquarters. Across organizations and within each of these categories, both the distributions of values and trends will be of interest

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Leading sales expert, Jeff Gardner, recently joined us here at sales-i to discuss the top strategies to maximize the adoption of sales-i across your company and ultimately, maximize your resources

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