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8th May 2018
Employee of the month
Employee of the Month

Here at sales-i we work hard every day to serve our customers, develop an industry leading product and have a little fun while we’re at it.

In addition to the breath-taking new office in central Solihull, the big-wigs decided it was time to thank outstanding efforts from the sales-i family. And so, a cheekily retro ‘UK Employee of the Month’ Award has been introduced.

The chosen one will reap the glory of the esteemed title for a month

crm cant answer

Customer relationship management (CRM) systems are swiftly becoming essential practice for many companies of all shapes and sizes. With over 60% of distributors already using CRM in some capacity, these tools are an easy way for companies to stay on top of their game and keep customers happy

And yet, recent research from MDM states that a measly 36% of users are actually happy with the level of ROI generated from their CRM system

Gatekeeper Infographic

You have a great product and you are a great salesperson but it all means nothing if you can’t speak to the right person. You need to beat the gatekeeper to get to your prospect! Easier said than done – so here are a few top tips:


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