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Grow your sales revenue by 5% on average by using sales-i.

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National Restaurant Association (NRA) members are selling smarter using sales-i. Companies across the foodservice sector just like yours gain a competitive edge in what has become a bustling market. Our sales performance tool provides you with the information you need to manage hundreds of relationships, improve customer interaction visibility and accelerate sales of multiple product lines.

The benefits of sales-i for NRA show attendees


Find out which customers' sales are falling, what they are buying, when they were last contacted and much more.


Analyze and interrogate your data easier than ever before, sales-i presents it back to you in easy to action selling instructions.


Segment your data with ease, crafting powerful campaigns to feed your sales team with sales ready opportunities.


Generate in-depth, customer facing sales reports in a couple of clicks that have all the sales and historical information you need.


Plan and manage the day ahead with ease. Know which of your customers to call, when to call them and what to talk about.


Quickly identify which accounts are falling in revenue and which might be under threat due to your competitors' activity.

Sound familiar?

  • Higher margin products aren’t being sold
  • Difficulty understanding why ‘tableware’ is down 10%
  • 40% of customers only buy 1 or 2 product lines
  • At risk customers aren’t proactively called
  • Sales data is stored in separate systems making it inaccessible

sales-i solves all these problems and more.

What our customers say

  • “I find sales-i very easy to use and an excellent analytics tool”

    Jon Bolam

    Sales Manager at Savona Foodservice
  • “We have found the sales-i system great for in-depth study of our customer base. It has helped us keep on top of our customers more and dig into what the trends are in our customer buying patterns etc. The support that we get from sales-i is also exceptional and get replies to any queries are answered VERY quickly.”

    Robbie Devenish

    Business Development Manager at Stewart's Tins
  • “sales-i is the ultimate sales solution for us. It is unbelievably simple and analyzes our sales data with minimal input from us.”

    James Tongue

    Sales Manager at Global Brands

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