Get the most from your sales-i demo

A quick diagnostic exercise to determine the current health of your sales team so that we can better tailor our demonstration to you. Give your sales team a 1 – 10 score in each section depending on how much you agree with the statement. 10 equals ‘totally agree’ and 1 equals ‘don’t agree at all’.

Give your answers

Sales process check-up

Complete the form to tell us the current state of your sales team. We’ll use this information to give you a tailored demo of sales-i showing you how we can help solve your business’ challenges.

About your demo

It's all online

Your demo will take place via online meeting software. This allows us to share our screen and audio with you so you can watch our demonstrators through your own computer.

No techy knowledge needed

We'll simply send you a link to the meeting via email and all you need to do is click it. That's it. All you need is an Internet connection (and know how to use the clicky part of a mouse).

Ask questions

The meeting will be one-to-one so feel free to ask questions whenever you like about any part of our software. Plus we'll go at a pace that suits you.