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sales-i joins the Independent Automotive Aftermarket Federation

written by Natalie Davies

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The UK’s leading sales intelligence software provider, sales-i, has joined the Independent Automotive Aftermarket Federation (IAAF).

Founded in 1930 as the Motor Factors Association, the IAAF works exclusively to promote and support the needs of the independent automotive businesses, including helping them to overcome the key legal, political and technological issues within the industry. In addition, it provides a range of products, services, and networking events to benefit both members and the automotive industry at large.

The IAAF’s primary aim is to raise the profile of the independent automotive industry as a credible alternative for vehicle service and repairs. It has attracted members from across the automotive supply chain, from parts manufacturers and suppliers to independent repair shops and garages.

Paul Black, CEO at sales-i, comments: “sales-i and the IAAF share a common goal: to help secure the long-term profitability of the automotive aftermarket industry and of all the businesses operating within it, regardless of shape or size. We’re absolutely delighted to join this hugely important association.”

“We are delighted to welcome sales-i as an IAAF Service Member. They already work with a number of our members and I believe we share many synergies and have the same passion for the Independent Automotive Aftermarket. We look forward to working with them for many years to come.” Mike Smallbone, Membership Development Manager, IAAF

Founded in 2008, and with offices in both the UK and North America, sales-i provides bespoke, market-leading sales intelligence and CRM software designed to help aftermarket professionals improve sales performance, identify new business opportunities, and strengthen their customer relationships.

A number of IAAF members have already successfully implemented sales-i, including APEC Braking, BTN Turbo, Manbat, and MAHLE Aftermarket.

Black adds: “There is a growing, healthy level of competition in the automotive industry, and thousands of businesses are already using sales-i to take their sales performance to the next level. We look forward to helping many more IAAF members achieve the same!”

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I'm another marketing bod here at sales-i (that is marketing exec come social secretary, branded wardrobe, stationary cupboard, fixer of the printer and chief maker of a terrible cup of tea). I get to work with the two delights that are Chris and Steve who have taken it upon themselves to educate me on all things football and Star Wars. I’m a Villa or Birmingham City fan depending on which of them you ask. I really rather enjoy reading and writing (I'm not that great at the maths thing, as Chris will tell you). What I lack in Star Wars and football knowledge, I make up for with a keen eye for a good wine and a great impression of a Wookie.

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