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sales-i vs. traditional CRM

written by Ollie Roddy

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Many prospects often ask our sales team “What can sales-i offer me that my current CRM package can’t?” and “What’s the difference between BI and CRM?” Good questions. Our system will put opportunities in front of your salespeople and marketers – all they’ll need to do is grab them.

CRM is a handy tool by itself, but the right BI system working in conjunction with your CRM package will turn your data into actionable, profitable information. In other words, sales-i helps you generate more profit by analyzing the data currently housed in your CRM package for you, saving you valuable selling time. Together, the two systems give you a complete 360º view of each of your customers. It really is that simple.


CRM systems are great. They organize your data in such a way that salespeople can find opportunities as and when they please. This is a reactive system. Now while a reactive system can be effective, a proactive BI system guarantees to improve your sales team’s efficiency and sales numbers. Using your data to forecast your customer’s buying patterns and alerting you when you need to make a call ensures that your sales team always stays one step ahead of not only the competition, but of the customer as well. This shows your customers that you think about them beyond the point of sale, essentially proving that you actually care and understand their wants and needs. While this may generate measurable profits, this also generates immeasurable loyalty – a priceless asset to a business of any shape or size.

Generating reports using traditional CRM systems requires the use of tools external to the system. With sales-i, you don’t have to go anywhere to get what you want; as the system is integrated with CRM, the use of other tools to get the reports you desire is non-existent. Instead, you can see top-level reports instantaneously, and download an extensive snapshot report highlighting your sales performance in moments. Long gone are the days of bordering cells and creating graphs for sales-i users.

Moreover, CRM systems usually have one key flaw for the modern business person – you have to be at your computer in order to log in. sales-i’s native apps for iPhone and Android mean that all you need is an internet connection and wherever you are in the world, you can essentially be right in the office.


As CRM and software companies take your money upfront, they will often sell you a product and then simply leave you to use it. Paying for sales-i month by month means that happiness and loyalty actually mean something to us. Without them, we wouldn’t have a business.

We pride ourselves on supporting you constantly, ensuring that you’re never stranded without help if it’s needed. The routes to our support center are never closed, no matter the time of day; online chats, webinars, phone support, email support and sales-i TV are all available 24/7. What’s more, regular webinars, training sessions and our online knowledge base ensure that sales-i is as easy to learn as it is to use.

The Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model that we employ also ensures that all of your data is constantly backed up to the cloud, and that any updates are done from our end, so you’ll never have to wait around for us to get changed.

What else do we offer?

Our regular newsletters keep you in the loop, with new blog posts and industry specific guides we’ve written being delivered directly to your inbox, and informing you about upcoming product and training updates as soon as we plan them. The system is also completely scalable, so you can add new users as and when you need to, meaning you only pay for what you need.

Anything else?

We offer free demos! Book one now to see how sales-i can take your sales team and current CRM system to the next level.

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