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SaaS Implementation

These steps will help you to implement SaaS to get your company up and running with sales-i

1) Data extraction

Your data extraction is handled by our dedicated team. They dial into your system to make sure that we can carry out the data extraction, and then answer any security questions you may have. The next step in implementing SaaS is to create an FTP (File Transfer Protocol), which is the technology that allows your files to be safely transferred to us on a daily basis. Then, as long as all parties are happy, we carry out the data extract.

  • Optional dial-in
  • FTP creation
  • Cube verification
  • Extract scripts

2) Data Automation

Then, we set up the automation routines to ensure that there’s a daily flow of data from your ERP and Back Office System into your unique sales-i data cube.

  • Set up automation routines
  • Schedule tasks

3) Build

The next step is for the data extract team to build your database. This involves deciding the best structure for your data, as well as how it will be picked up and read correctly by sales-i whenever it’s updated. Check after check is then made to ensure that the system is in perfect working order before we hand you over to the training team.

  • Map files and build
  • Cube check
  • Optional soft data imports

4) SaaS Training prep

At this stage, the nuts have been tightened, the screws have been screwed and your system is completely ready for use. The next step is to show you how, and this is where our training teams come in.

First, it’s important that they work out exactly what your needs and requirements are – as a company, as a team and also as individual users. Of course, every company is different and will face different challenges, so working out exactly what yours are and how sales-i can solve them is a key part of the implementing SaaS.

  • Needs analysis
  • User roll out
  • Campaign building
  • CRM configuration
  • Cross device best practice
  • Confirm schedule

5) SaaS Training delivery

Next, sales-i training is delivered. Depending on where you’re based, the size of your team and your personal preference, the training can be delivered in a range of ways: at our HQ, at your offices, online, or a combination of the three (the latter usually works best).

  • Various training options
  • Training for all devices (PC, mobile, tablet)
  • Optional face-to-face
  • Planning for future, ongoing training


If you need any extra work done, we’re happy to carry this out at any point. Some of the work can be minor and won’t carry a charge. Most data cubes don’t require any though and we deal with all of this at a later date.