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sales-i joins IAAF

The UK’s leading sales intelligence software provider, sales-i, has joined the Independent Automotive Aftermarket Federation (IAAF).

Founded in 1930 as the Motor Factors Association, the IAAF works exclusively to promote and support the needs of the independent automotive businesses, including helping them to overcome the key legal, political and technological issues within the industry. In addition, it provides a range of products, services, and networking events to benefit both members and the automotive industry at large


In an industry historically ruled by a field-sales technique, automotive aftermarket companies are now starting to reap the benefits of an inside sales revolution.

Our CEO, Paul Black spoke to Automotive World about the advantages an inside sales approach can bring, from gaining a competitive edge to building stronger customer relationships.


The UK automotive industry is incredibly profitable. Contributing to over 10% of the UK’s exports, it’s not one to be sniffed at.

Yet, it is an industry that it still relatively trapped in the dark ages. Despite churning out some impressive high tech product developments, the industry is still stuck in analogue when it comes to adopting new technology that can really benefit bottom lines.

Our CEO, Paul Black, has recently discussed this burning issue at length with