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The UK automotive industry is incredibly profitable. Contributing to over 10% of the UK’s exports, it’s not one to be sniffed at.

Yet, it is an industry that it still relatively trapped in the dark ages. Despite churning out some impressive high tech product developments, the industry is still stuck in analogue when it comes to adopting new technology that can really benefit bottom lines.

Our CEO, Paul Black, has recently discussed this burning issue at length with

Volkswagen emissions scandal

Unless you’ve been living in Lechuguilla Cave (the most remote cave in the world, and yes I had to Google it) for the past week and forgot to take your iPad, you’ve probably heard the news about Vokswagen’s emissions scandal.

Volkswagen has confirmed that it has used emission-control software on diesel models, meaning they violate the clean air rules. Volkswagen has apologized (twice, once by video too), face 10-figure fines and have had to set aside $7.3bn to fix the problem

Automotive aftermarket infographic

Here at sales-i, we are always interested in understanding what is going on in each of the markets that we work with. That’s why we recently carried out a survey of 421 sales professionals across the North American automotive aftermarket industry to find out just how the sector was looking in 2015.

The below infographic highlights some of our findings, take a look and let us know what you think!