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No one likes change, but when it comes to technology, some people can be particularly resistant. So how can you win over a technophobe?

Here are the top 5 issues that influence the negative perception of technological change for salespeople and how to turn tech cynics into tech evangelists:


Forced technical upgrades

So much time and consideration goes into the costs, relevancy and implementation of a product without drawing on your most valuable resource – those that will have to use it every day

Doctor with stethoscope

As medical supply manufacturers face increasing pressure to bypass wholesalers altogether and turn to ecommerce platforms and big box stores, the industry’s overall growth potential becomes drastically limited. With the industry landscape changing, identifying product slippage and cross sell opportunities will become more important than ever. Utilizing business intelligence software is an easily accessible competitive advantage that companies feeling pressured by big box stores and ecommerce retailers are turning to


Just like ‘Millennials’ and ‘Big Data’, Business Intelligence has been one of those annoying business buzzwords in recent years.

But while everyone is talking about it, how many people actually know what Business Intelligence is?

In all fairness, Business Intelligence (BI for short) is a topic that’s very easy to get confused about, especially with all the hot air and poor content going around on the subject these days