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Distributor predictions

Many distributors will be happy to see 2013 drift away into the sunset, and for good reason too. A good number of our customers are distributors and we listen to their concerns on a daily basis. What we have found is that distributors have seen 2013 as a transition year. Revenue may be up on previous years but that is mainly due to efficiency initiatives rather than growth.

The distribution industries therefore have become leaner than a few years ago and most are learning to do more, with less. So what will 2014 bring for distributors? Here are a couple of our predictions.


Big data

Every year the IT industry is talking about a new hot topic, and this year it’s been all about Big Data. Many big names in tech have been discussing what effect Big Data will have on storage and handling of data.

So what’s the big deal with Big Data?

Firstly lets understand what Big Data actually is

Let’s be clear to start that Big Data is not an oversized pale robot from Star Trek – The Next Generation, but is more about your everyday business information.

Mobile business intelligence

Mobile BI is becoming more popular than a new Cadillac pulling up outside an old folks home, and there’s good reason too. Below are five reasons why Mobile BI is fast becoming a global phenomenon in businesses.

1. Colossal increase of smartphones and tablets in business

In the world today there are over 5.5 billion connected mobile devices from a population of 7 billion people. Therefore it’s no surprise that the rapid uptake of smartphones and tablets is having a profound effect in businesses