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about Business Intelligence


Business Intelligence is one of those buzzwords that’s been bandied about a lot in the past couple of years. There are so many definitions of what it is and what it isn’t that the lines have become somewhat blurred.

BI solutions simply automate the task of analyzing data. That’s it. It’s that simple.

This provides you with a better understanding of your company’s performance, creates a proactive sales culture and gives a complete customer view for the entire business. This ultimately streamlines the whole sales and marketing process

ERP and BI

Businesses today have more data than they can shake a stick at. Transactions, invoices, call notes, social media interactions, customer details and much, much more. Managing this amount of data can quickly become a crippling issue. As such, most businesses are using enterprise resource planning (ERP) software to better manage their mounting data stacks.

While incredibly useful for generating invoices, monitoring transactions and keeping your finance team in check, ERP software is simply not enough for the fast pace of business today, no matter what industry you are in

food service indsutry

The US foodservice industry has recently undergone major changes, and many more can be expected as we move further into 2018. Many restaurant and foodservice experts have made predictions regarding industry trends for the year, and they all had one in common: the need for wholesalers and distributors to be able to adapt to the quickly changing landscape.

“Change is here to stay, and this year’s top trends reflect the industry’s acceptance of this state,” explained Andrew Freeman and Company in its 2018 annual trend report