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Once upon a time when satellite navigation was yet to make its move onto smartphones I decided to take a trip to the Netherlands just to get away from my hometown of Brownhills, UK for a few days. My mission: to travel around and discover the sights on offer. For this trip I decided to take my portable sat nav unit, which stated on the box that it had access to European maps. On to a winner… or so I thought. Once I powered up the sat nav I found out that it didn’t have pre-loaded maps and that I had to download them

Hiring the right candidate

Getting the the sales hiring process right is never easy, but it is vital to the long-term success of your business. It can be difficult for small and medium sized businesses as recruitment agencies can often be expensive and having the right industry contacts can sometimes be a struggle.

I took some time to have a chat with one of our partners last week, Jeff Gardner. As founder of one of the leading training and consulting organizations,


How can we measure what is most important in a business scenario? It is important for companies to understand that their customer’s needs go beyond demographic data. Enter firmographics, the business equivalent of demographics.

Firmographics are to every organization what demographics are to describing people. The most common questions of firmographics center around employee size, revenue size, industry, number of locations and location headquarters. Across organizations and within each of these categories, both the distributions of values and trends will be of interest