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When it comes to using a CRM system, Cloud based CRM solutions have introduced a completely new way of doing things. Moving everything to the Cloud brings about a whole host of benefits that weren’t accessible with traditional, on premise CRM solutions – which has led to many companies, large and small, opting for a more contemporary solution. But what is Cloud based CRM, and what are its actual benefits?


Cloud computing trends that everyone should know

As the need for big data continues to rise, so does the need for Cloud computing, and this isn’t going to slow down anytime soon. When anything new comes into fashion, various trends are set and grow from humble beginnings to become completely ubiquitous. Here are some of those trends for the world of Cloud computing.

1) Cloud technology will become even better value

In the past, software was purchased on a disk or, more recently, as a one time download. The user would simply go to a shop or website, pay and then install the software

Technology that went supernova

I’m showing my age here but I actually remember the launch of Google back in 1998. I was sitting at the one oversized, yellowy-white computer that we had at my school , which was to be shared by me and my 30 other classmates, exploring the 100 websites which existed at the time through Yahoo’s search engine, when one of my friends suggested that I should use Google instead